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Our clinic specializes in providing real solutions to help you regain your health using whole body approach.

We strive to keep your path to healing simple and easy to understand.
During your initial visit we work collaboratively to build your personalized care plan and establish your path to healing in five simple steps. Take the first step today.

Step 1:

Schedule your Comprehensive Consultation
Our comprehensive assessment looks at each patient’s genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors, compounded with physical, mental, and emotional symptoms to direct a personalized treatment plan that lead to improved patient outcomes.

Your comprehensive care plan may include a combination of holistic medicine, functional lab work, food therapy, lifestyle modification, supplementation, and, optionally, physical medicine modalities like acupuncture and tuina.

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promote health + wellness from the inside out

We are a full service Functional & Chinese medical practice in Kyle, TX and Santa Teresa, NM. Chinese medicine is a comprehensive independent medical system that incorporates several physical medicine modalities such as needling, manual therapy, scraping techniques, cupping, plus herbal medicine compounding to treat and correct most health concerns.

Bloom: Modern Holistic Medicine is dedicated to making this truly powerful and transformative medicine accessible and affordable for everyone. We provide real solutions for overall health management, hormonal imbalance, autoimmune disorders, and skin disease. We provide comprehensive care plans that allow our providers to practice holistic medicine freely, without placing an unreasonable or unsustainable financial burden on our patients. This way of practice allows our providers to spend high quality, intentional visits with each patient.

In addition, we currently offer several aesthetic services to address premature aging and provide cosmetic enhancement to the skin and body. Aesthetic treatments range from organic facials to injectables, and thermal body contouring therapies to treat and correct most cosmetic concerns. To view pricing and a complete list of aesthetic services, click here.

Please note:
Bloom: Modern Holistic Medicine in Kyle, Texas is a non-prescribing facility and we do not offer pharmaceutical care (with the exception of aesthetic prescriptive services by our Medical Director). To view the full scope of practice for a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, click here.

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mediciNAL ARTS

Like so many arts, medicine is refined with time,  perseverance, and of course, practice. Our approach is to use evidence informed functional and Chinese medicine to promote healing of the mind, body and spirit. A large part of our practice includes the use of carefully selected herbal therapeutics that are compounded in-house.
We focus on treating and correcting a wide array of health ailments at our Whole Health Collaborative, located in Kyle, TX and Santa Teresa, NM.

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aesthetic arts

Our licensed medical professionals have a strong understanding in how to use natural therapeutics and products that are safe and effective. We pride ourselves in providing top-tier, natural and organic product lines including: Skin Script RX, Ilike Organics, & more.
We are happy to announce that services have expanded to include laser therapy, as well as thermal and cryo therapeutics to slow the process of aging for those seeking less invasive alternatives to injectables and toxins.

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